Sports and Healthy Lifestyle are Becoming Popular in Krasnoyarsk
Text: Maria Targonskaya
Photo: Daria Volkova

«Run After Me! Siberia»

«Run After Me! Siberia»

On the threshold of the Universiade 2019 in the Krasnoyarsk region a topic of healthy life style and sporting activities has been developing. Projects are creating for attending citizens to do a sport. Thanks them a lot of participants gave up smoking.

Since 2012 in Krasnoyarsk and its region has been actively developing a project named «Run After Me! Syberia.» It includes free sessions of grappling, reggaeton, pole dance and jogging. According to Darya Volkova, press secretary of the project, «the hall is always packed to capacity on reggaeton, pilates, yoga, functional training and power fitness».

Representative offices are working in 15 locations of the region but not easily accessible for a major part of the population.

«We organize mass sporting events like runs, joint physical exercises, fitness conventions and fitness festivals, replaced by TIY «Biryusa» and arrange RLD norm tests. We also offer TV programs were our trainers teach people how to exercises and give master classes about healthy food. All together it allows us to reach out to a broad audience in the city and its region and to create a fashion for sport and healthy living.»— says Daria.
In 2014 project «Run after me! SFU» started its work. Classes on fitness and other physical exercises have been given in the area of the University’s campus and absolutely for free. Alvira Kanashuk, Latin dance teacher, says that she has been positively impressed with her students’ zest and persistence.

The story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one more project named «Sports Bar In Each Neighborhood.» Its first stage kicked off in October of 2013. Parallel to it the first Pull-ups championship was held and it was attended by more than 3,000 people.

Also the last week Vladimir Putin made a decision to revive Soviet system «Ready for Work and Defense.» The one that will receive badges. It’s possible that their presence will be a bonus for applicants for admission or contribute to increased salary. Everyone at the age of 6 and older may take part.

«Run After Me! Siberia»