How our transport system will change to 2019?
Text: Anastasiya Volkova
Pictures: Alexander Emelyanov

Now: 70 regular bus routes. 1050 units comply the ecological standards Euro-3.

In the future: by 2015 bus engines are planned to be made in accordance with the Euro-5 standards.

Now: three ways:

1) railroad station — Severniy — Bugatch — Bazaiha;
2) Bazaiha — Krasnoyarsk — Meat Proscescing Plant;
3) Enisey — Krasnoyarsk «Stolby».
In the future: by 2016 the «surface metro» route is going to be circular (the second route on road-rail bridge «777»). This project provides the increasing of stations amount to 28.

Now: the «Emelyanovo» airport corresponds the 1st category according the standards of International Civil Avia-tion Organisation. The biggest Russian regional airport.

In the future: By 2017 Emelyanovo will have a new terminal (about 41000 square kilometers), which will be equipped with 45 flight check-in desks and 11 departure gates (four of them will have gangways).

Now: 2 road bridges (Kommynalnyi and Oktyabrskiy), 1 road-rail bridge (777) and 1 rail bridge.
In the future: one more road bridge will span Kopylova and Sverdlowskaya streets. It’s length will be 1273 meters and the amount of traffic lines - 6.

Now: the total length of auto roads in Krasnoyarsk is about 1053 km.

In the future: 3 new transport junctions:
1) the auto road will begin on Dubrovinskogo and Kirenskogo streets at the exit of the bridge;
2) street ways on Volochaevskaya-Dubrovinskogo-Kopilova;
3) in «Tihie zori» microdictrict;
4) by 2015 it must be a transport junction in Aviatorov-Severnoe highway, Bryanskaya-2, Bryanskaya roadways and the Krasnoyarsk-Jheleznogorsk auto road will be reconstructed (did not understand).

And now we will show you the most interesting ideas, which haven’t been approved by the Government.

Now: 5 subway-station has been excavated, but all of them are conserved because of the lack of the money.

Note: The main clause, which can help to obtain funding for the project, says that the metro must be an integral part of the Universiade 2019.

Now: we don’t have any.

In the future: we will have the fastest way to the airport «Emelyanovo».

Note: it’s necessary to have an opportunity to get to the hotel from airport and also reach the sport facilities only in one hour. The electric railway «Lastochka» has been made in Sochi for it.

Now: we have 7 trolley routs on the left bank of the Yenisei River and only 5 routs on the right bank.

In the future: we will have improved structure of tramway and trolleybus networks covering all sports and non-sports objects of the Krasnoyarsk World Student Games.

Note: detailed schemes of possible development paths of ecological types of transport were posted by a Krasnoyarsk citizen Vitaliy Tscheusov in his own blog. The realization of this initiative requires about 18 billions rubbles.

Now: we haven’t any competitive type of public transport to avoid traffic jams.

In the future: we will have the alternative public transport network on the height of 5 meters above the ground, which construction costs 5 times cheaper than the subway’s one.

Note: The City council has rejected this idea because of insecurity.