Siberian Federal University — students’ home city
Text: Zeinab Kulieva
Photo: Anastasia Prudnikova

The sports construction facilities of XXIX Universiade in 3-D dimension were represented at the XI Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum . So, the SibFU campus is the main platform for XXIX World Student Games.

The biggest University in the Eastern part of Russia started the initiatives in the support of Winter Student Games in November 2011 with the sports marathon «The Youth — for the Universiade». In future the Siberian University Campus will turn into the Universiade Village.

Events in the support of Winter Universiade take place there even now. One of them, the race track action stuck to the memory most of all. Everybody had the chance to become a torchbearer: just try fitness equipment racetrack, fill in your name in the form and you are an aspirant to the Universiade Torch Relay.

Activists of SibFU

Activists of SibFU

The students’ residence territory in the hill area is an ecologically favorable and multifunctional zone. Some of the ideas are known now: the Universiade Village will cover 25 hectare, sportsmen and officials will be accommodated in 2894 studio apartments which are top-ranked to be the best as of year-end 2012 based on the results of all-Russian competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. There are also two more projects of complexes of hostels, that they need to build.

Now Cultural and Business Complex is being under construction. During the Games it will host both the International information and Accreditation centers. Besides, medical emergency treatment clinic will be built there.

But of course the construction of multifunctional Sports Centre of SibFU is of greater priority.

Students Mass Media about XXIX Winter Universiade:

Daria Mazolya, Сhief of SibFU Students Information Agency: «I believe, all mass media of SibFU will be involved in the Games and students organizations will not be an exception. We will join if we are allowed to. Our team members always promote XXXIX World Universiade. For example, in summer in Kazan our agency covered the city project «Krasnoyarsk Territory Home» and also all the events connected with the promotion of XXIX World Winter Games».

Alexander Bliznevsky, Deputy Director of the Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism of SibFU, said about the role of the University in forthcoming Students Games: «The role of the University is a combination of three parts: accommodation, sportsmen and volunteers. The University is the key stakeholder of this great international, Russian and territorial project. Now it is the time to develop profound complex program covering three points mentioned above. It is important to solve the tasks both of XXIX Universiade and of our territory in future. We don’t say that we infringe upon the interests of other universities. On the contrary, the headquarters of other higher educational institutions must continue their work. SibFU is a center just from physical, geographical and coordinating standpoint».

Sponsors and organizers of XXIX Universiade believe that SibFU will become the center of volunteer movement as students are very active people and things are humming here within the walls of their alma mater.