Experience Shakespeare in HD

People who live or study in Krasnoyarsk now have a unique opportunity to travel to England in the 16th century to visit the “Globe” theater, founded by William Shakespeare. It is possible, thanks to Theatre HD, a groundbreaking international project to broadcast world-class theatre performances from the Royal National Theatre in London and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Teachers and students of SibFU have already experienced the magic of digital theater and insist that watching world famous plays on a big screen is a must.

Anastasia Kolosova, 1st year student

Recently I visited the “virtual” theater to watch a 16th century play "Richard II", directed by Simon Godwin. It was unusual to be in a modern cinema and in a theater modeled to represent Shakespeare’s time. The theatre’s stage has many exits, and viewers stand near the stage. I was struck by the perfect performance, the scenery, and the interaction performers had with the audience. For those learning English, it is an opportunity to challenge your knowledge of language. At first, I had problems understanding the language. However, thanks to the Russian subtitles, all problems were solved. I advise everyone to not miss this perfect opportunity to plunge into this far world of art.

Valentina Suslova, 1st year student

“Richard II” is the story about how power transformed a child, the messenger of God on the throne, finally overthrown by his cousins, leaving the audience touched for many years to come. The scene depicting the overthrow of the king from his throne shows that the main character has great inner strength because, at the moment, when he lost his country and his friends, he finds the strength to abdicate for the sake of his people. He was the true king who sacrificed himself, his past, and present for the sake of a brighter future for his country. The interpretation of the great work of Shakespeare directed by Simon Godwin is dynamic and full of bitter irony. I would have liked to be a part of this project. It’s like traveling to old England. The amazing atmosphere of Shakespeare's was recreated not only by elegant costumes, but also by the flawless performance of actors such as Charles Edwards (“Downton Abbey”, “Philomena”) as Richard II, which impressed me most.

Tatiana Dolgodvorova, 1st year student

Our English teacher suggested us to watch the play “Richard II at the “Globe” theatre, which was created by Shakespeare.

It was difficult to refuse her offer. I can’t convey all the emotions that I experienced while watching this play. We are lucky because we could see it in Krasnoyarsk without buying a ticket to London. Moreover, I was amazed by the performance of the actors. I was so absorbed by the play that I forgot time. The actors were so bright that that they showed every emotion so sincerely, as if it is real life, rather than a theatrical scene. Also I was amazed that actors interacted with the audience during their play (breaking the fourth wall) — they held out their hands, came close to audience, and asked questions. I will not lie, but the “language” of Shakespeare isn’t as easy as I thought. If you ever have a chance to visit a performance of Shakespeare’s Theatre, in London, or on the screens of Krasnoyarsk — never miss it. In fact, it’s really amazing.

Olga Andreevna Chistova, English teacher

I came across the Theatre HD project by accident, but immediately realized its uniqueness. I love teaching English and being inspired by the works of Shakespeare! So, I encouraged my students to watch “Richard II” by the Shakespearean “Globe”. Theatre’s atmosphere fascinates me. You can’t help feeling yourself among the spectators who used to come to the venue since Shakespearean times to stand through a 3-hour play in front of the stage. Also, you enjoy the wonderful English language by the best British actors. Of course, modern English is different from that of Richard II, Macbeth or Romeo, but that’s what makes it so charming. I wholeheartedly recommend you to go and experience it for yourself.

Paul Shields, English teacher

What makes the Shakespeare performances special is that they are full of vitality. In other words, they are alive. Although the performance is shown on a screen, far from its origins, the cinema in Krasnoyarsk gives the audience a chance to be transported to another world and experience the theater. This is why one goes, and one ought to go. As an audience, we can feel how the stage is made of rough wood, how the voices are present and authentic, and the story is raw and eternal. The performances are filmed in the past and depict stories written 500 years ago, yet they are appear just as alive and just as real, as ever before. And it is through this process of immersion, into the experience, that both the audience and Shakespeare live.

Theatre HD project has an exceptionally noble mission — to provide an opportunity for everyone to see the masterpieces of the world stage, without ever leaving one’s hometown. If buying tickets to London isn’t in your plans yet, maybe it’s worth buying tickets to the cinema?

You can enjoy Theatre HD performances in “Cinema Park” and “Mori Cinema”. Check the schedule on cinemas’ websites or on the official project website www.theatrehd.ru
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