Тексты на английской языке

English Language Olympiade for Non-Linguistic Students

The traditional English Language Olympiade for non-linguistic students was held from March, 17 to April, 15. The preliminary round involved remote participation with students doing tests in LMS MOODLE system. Six hundred and eleven entrants from nineteen schools of SibFU had a go at the test and the strongest representatives of each school were selected to go to the next stage where the participants were to write an opinion essay on some topical subject.

The papers were assessed by the jury who pointed out that the participants demonstrated a well-above-average level of English.

Summarising the results, the following students were awarded the certificates:
1. Dmitriy Drozdov, School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies;
2. Maria Anosova, School of Philology and Language Communication;
3. Ekaterina Antonova, School of Architecture and Design.

Congratulations to all the winners. We wish you success and new victories in the future.

Youth and Science. Prospekt Svobodnyi – 2017

Prospekt Svobodnyi–2017 international conference, section Problems of Interdisciplinary Synthesis in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities took place on 20 April in School of Philology and Language Communication. The jury and the audience listened to seventeen scientific reports on various issues covering topical research in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

The certificates went to the following participants.
1. Olesya Myachina, School of Philology and Language Communication;
2. Artem Astaltsev, Law School;
3. Svetlana Erbyagina, School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism.

The jury and the organisers want to say thanks to all the participants for their active involvement, scientific work and very good English and to wish them to pursue their research on the potentially promising topics presented at the conference.

Elena Lazutkina, Associate Professor, Ekaterina Ponomareva, Senior Lecturer, School of Philology and Language Communication SibFU